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New razors

Only one is actually new and I’ve had that for a while, so the title is a bit inaccurate. First up is a Feather Portable. This was ‘New Old Stock’ but I’ve had it for a while. Recently acquired but … Continue reading

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2009 Budavar Merlot

About 4 quid from Aldi. Very soft mouthfeel with no detectable sharpness. Enjoyably tannic but overly so. Hint of cherry. Would buy again.

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Tesco Valpolicella

About 4 quid from Tesco I think. I believe it’s this bottle at £4.29 and they’ve changed the label. Unusually for the red wines I’ve bought off the shelf in the UK,

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Por Larranaga Petit Corona

Smoked on 24 April 2010. Box code was EMA OCT 07 (in humi since 28 November 2009). Good burn and draw but the taste was that bitter almond flavour again. Perhaps that’s just what I should expect from these 07s … Continue reading

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2008 Veneto Merlot

Continuing my new series on cheap booze, this 2008 Veneto Merlot, a £3.99 Italian from Tesco was a marked improvement. Smelt like your bog standard merlot. A little

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2008 Domaine Boyar Cabernet Sauvignon

Welcome to a new section in my blog! I’ve decided to start doing little reviews on cheap red wine (and maybe some whites) as I’m starting to discover that some of it is quite palatable. I will point out that … Continue reading

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Catch-up post…

Due to my excessive slackness at posting recently I’m going to put them all in here. 22 March 2010: Partagas Chico (box code unknown). Been in

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De Giri Luna Perfecta

Smoked 20 March 2010. Been in humidor since 10 February 2010. This was received as a taster from a new Indonesian cigar producer, De Giri. Construction was very good, nice and firm

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Apologies (Moving houses)

Hey folks, it may appear that I have been slack with updating my blog recently. I have recently moved house and all the fuss associated with that has left my time for blogging at a minimum, since the house have … Continue reading

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