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Tesco Chilean Merlot

This red wine was £3.69 from Tesco. I was actually quite pleased with this addition to the wine rack. Aromas of blackberry with a touch of cherry and perhaps some chocolate. The taste was pretty similar, slightly drying with a … Continue reading

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2007 Gabbiano Chianti

Not sure where this red wine came from, but it will most likely be Tesco or Asda at about £4 a bottle. When I opened the bottle the cork was rather vinegary and I was a bit concerned that was … Continue reading

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Madrid cigars

I came back from Madrid a couple of days ago, and being Spain I expected my beloved Cuban cigars to be easily available. Unfortunately not! It appears that a lot of people close their businesses and go on holiday for … Continue reading

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Mini-herf 12 August 2010

I met up with Simon of The Cigar Monologues to enjoy an afternoon of Cuban cigars, conversation and booze by the river at Tafarn in Cardiff. It’s a pleasant venue with a reasonable range of drinks, but the outside area … Continue reading

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Marchesini Vitis Pinot Noir

Bought on offer at Tesco for £3.99. Bought this for a change from the merlot we normally drink, as at one point I was partial to a bit of Burgundy. It appears my tastes have moved on since then!

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New look!

As you may be able to tell, I’m trying a new look for the site. I decided the plain white looked a bit simple so have made the site a little snazzier. If any of my readership have any comments, … Continue reading

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6th August 2010

Friday evening I started off with a couple of Partagas Chicos (in humi since 20 March 2010). These weren’t particularly exciting but they did the job. I find it difficult to smoke these as slow as I suspect they need … Continue reading

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A pipe

After reading the occasional mention on the cigar forum about pipes, I thought I’d get round to trying one again. I’d tried a cheap briar in my early twenties but had trouble with keeping it lit and harsh smoke. This … Continue reading

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Punch Petit Punch

Smoked 30 July 2010. Box code EMA NOV 07; in humi since 7 November 2009. Walking back from the pub when I had this. Pretty nice! Not as harsh as previous, though I suspect this was due to smoking it … Continue reading

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