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Golofina vintage cigar

I bought this a while back as part of a vintage cigar sampler. I believe the Golofina is a puro ie. rolled entirely from tobacco from one country; in this case, Jamaica. This particular cigar is believed to be from … Continue reading

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Get Out While You Can

It’s not often I read a book that inspires me to tell lots of people about it. This is one of those books. Buy it from Amazon UK here. A while back I posted a review of the MD-80 mini … Continue reading

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Dorset Naga chilli

For yesterday’s dinner I had some Lincolnshire sausages left from a barbecue so I thought I’d make a hot sauce and have them with some pasta. On a recent trip to Tesco I’d stocked up on chillies, getting a couple … Continue reading

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This is not like my normal posts. Normal service will soon be resumed. A thought just came to me while reading a friend’s Facebook status update. She mentioned about libraries and it occurred to me that one of the things … Continue reading

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Bolivar Royal Corona

Smoked 3 July 2011. Box code TEB MAY 08; in humidor since 29 May 2009. After the excitement of the Partagas D4 from the day before, it was going to be hard to match up. While it didn’t quite blow … Continue reading

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Partagas Serie D No. 4

Smoked 2 July 2011. Box code TEB AGO 08; in humidor since 12 July 2010. This particular cigar has changed my view on the D4. Previous experiences have been underwhelming at best but as it seems to have numerous fans … Continue reading

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Bolivar Gold Medal

Smoked 22 June 2011. Box code LSO FEB 08; in humidor since 12 November 2009. Lovely to the touch, so oily and rough. Which may explain issues explained later… Finally, I think I understand why some enjoy these so much. … Continue reading

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