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Attack The Block

I’m not sure what first attracted me to this film but I’d written it down in my phone as something I wanted to watch. The basic premise seems to be chavs versus aliens. I didn’t think it could go wrong … Continue reading

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H. Upmann Magnum 48 Limited Edition 2009

Smoked 1 March 2012. In humidor since 5 March 2010; box code unknown but obviously 2009 vintage. Every single one of these I’ve smoked so far has been disappointing and irritatingly, this was no exception. Whilst there were some flavours … Continue reading

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I saw a trailer for this 2010 film recently and the all-star cast (Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman), and ludicrous sense of humour really appealed to me. RED is an acronym for ‘Retired: Extremely Dangerous’. One … Continue reading

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On Friday I went out for dinner and snails were on the menu. Now I’ve heard about ‘escargot’ on French menus but never seen Lamache All’aglio (snails in garlic butter) on an Italian menu before. I had all kinds of … Continue reading

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Where The Wild Things Are

I’d wanted to watch this film for a while as one of the characters (‘Carol’) looks like a cat I know. Strange name for a male character to my mind, but he’s the one on the left of the poster … Continue reading

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Luther S01E01

Now that the second series of Sherlock (if you could call three episodes that!) has finished on BBC, I’ve been missing something ‘clever’ to get my brain into. While I enjoy programs like CSI and Dexter they don’t really get … Continue reading

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Overdue update!

Unfortunately, I’ve not had much chance to smoke cigars recently due to simply not having the opportunity. I’ve also been massively lazy about updating this blog… Here’s what I’ve smoked since I last posted. 25 October 2011: Ramon Allones Specially … Continue reading

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Por Larranaga Petit Corona | Cuaba Divino

Por Larranaga Petit Corona smoked 17 September 2011. Box code EMA OCT 07; in humidor since 28 November 2009. I’d previously taken this out and punched it, given it a test draw and decided it was too tight to smoke … Continue reading

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Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

Smoked 26th August 2011. Box code GAS JUN 08; in humidor since 6 October 2009. Smoked this on a rather surreal last-minute late night trip to Wantage. Pretty enjoyable smoke but nothing outstanding, perhaps due to the KFC I ate … Continue reading

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Cuba Calling at Gwdihw, Cardiff

Gwdihw, one of the nicest live music venues I’ve been to, hosted what I believe to be Cardiff’s first Cuban cigar tasting event on the 23 August 2011. For those who don’t know, gwdihw (pronounced goody-hoo) is the somewhat onomatopoeic … Continue reading

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