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Turboflame GX7R Military lighter

23 Aug

I first bought my Turboflame Militaryon eBay in February 2009 and it has been my primary cigar lighter since then. For under a tenner I considered this a bargain. It’s not the prettiest lighter but it’s been pretty bombproof in use. The rubberised coating mostly came off leaving the galvanised steel body exposed, which looked quite nice itself.

Here’s a video I posted when I first got it:

The reason why I’m posting is that the ignition mechanism packed up recently, and remembering the five year warranty Read the rest of this entry »


Sharpening a cheap cigar punch

18 Feb

I bought a couple of cheap Wolf brand cigar punches from Green’s of Leeds on eBay [they’ve changed the store name now] a few months back and while they do the job adequately, being me I wondered how they’d take sharpening. So I gave it a go…

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Recharging Boveda pouches

18 Jan

Boveda pouches are a two-way humidity control method that is often used for cigars. See where to buy them on my Useful cigar links page. I happen to think they are a genius product as they are Read the rest of this entry »


Cuban Cigar Tobacco book delivery

02 Dec

Cuban Cigar Tobacco: Why Cuban Cigars Are the World’s Best by Eumelio Espino Marrero

This book was mentioned in passing in an article I read concerning Read the rest of this entry »


More storage

10 Nov

My coolbox was full to bursting with cigars, and with my desire for a wider range of cigars available at my fingertips (that’s my excuse…) and more on the way I needed more storage. I do have a 10 litre Tupperware box that I am using for my non-Cuban cigars that has some space, but would prefer to keep them segregated as they just smell ‘different’. Read the rest of this entry »


Humidity tests

19 Oct

Just to compare how different humidity levels affect how cigars smoke, I’ve put three Trinidad Reyes in three different humidity environments. These are a tasty reliable smoke, and the thinner ring gauge means they should adjust to their new environs more quickly than fatter sticks.


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