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UKCF annual herf at The Prince of Wales, Moseley

11 Aug

If you like cigars and aren’t a member of UKCigarForums, pop on over and join.

Saturday 6 August 2011 was an attempt to get as many forum members possible meeting in one place. That place was The Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham. A superb venue obviously designed to cater for smokers (greatly helped by Keith the landlord being a cigar aficionado himself), with such a mixed crowd that nobody need feel out of place. Apologies for the quality of the photos…

UK Cigar Forum Annual Herf 2011 image 1

Considering the majority of the London contingent were either on holiday or content to stay inside the M25, we did quite well on numbers!

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Golofina vintage cigar

28 Jul

I bought this a while back as part of a vintage cigar sampler. I believe the Golofina is a puro ie. rolled entirely from tobacco from one country; in this case, Jamaica. This particular cigar is believed to be from the 1950s, and has been in my humidor since 17 November 2010.

Golofina vintage cigar

The reason why I decided on this one today (28 July 2011) was because I was doing my occasional check of all my cigars, to see if any are showing signs of storage problems. Unfortunately, there was the slightest touch of blue-green on the cap of this, so I thought I’d whip it out of there quick-sharp and smoke it. I realise everyone must be horrified at the thought of me smoking a mouldy cigar but it really was the slightest touch!

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Weekend cigars

26 Jul

Only a couple this weekend.

Alec Bradley Spirit of Cuba Corojo: smoked 24 July 2010; in humi since 14 November 2009. Age unknown. Little to recommend it. Didn’t even bother to finish it.

Partagas Chico: smoked 25 July 2010; in humi since 20 March 2010. Age unknown. Pleasant enough while out in Cardiff Bay.  Bit difficult getting it lit in the wind that day!


Saturday 22 May 2010 cigars: Cain and Georges Reserve

27 May

It was a lovely sunny day and we were off to the park so I thought I’d take along something I hoped to be a bit special. I’d smoked the last Cuban I had available the night before so I thought I’d go for a Cain Habano wrapper (in humi since 1 December 2009). I received this as part of a Cain sampler pack and I’d not got round to ‘sampling’ one yet. From the reception these had received on various websites I was expecting to be surprised by a Non-Cuban.

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Friday 21 May 2010 cigars

24 May

Started with a Chinchalero Picadillo, in the humidor since 9 August 2009.

This was actually quite nice for a sunny afternoon in the pub! I think I may have to re-evaluate these. Going on the strength of this one, I’d probably get more if they were a bit cheaper. I love the turquoise band too.

Later on, I went for a Romeo y Julieta Cazadore (July 2006; in humi since 27 February 2010). I’d read that these were the strongest Cuban currently in production so I was a certainly intrigued. I’m not a fan of the RyJ Short Churchill or the 2009 LE Duke as they have a floral aspect that I don’t like but people had suggested this wasn’t so noticeable in the Cazadores so I thought I’d give them a try. Others had described them as tasting like Twiglets, which I’d very much agree with. It was strong, but not harsh.


Cigars International Red Label torpedo

08 May

I thought I’d try another NC and this was it. Been in the humidor since 25 November 2009. No idea of age other than that.

Smelt alright and had a good draw. Unfortunately it all went downhill once I lit it. There were chocolate and leather tones, but it was overly harsh for my taste. Burnt well though!


Catch-up post…

22 Apr

Due to my excessive slackness at posting recently I’m going to put them all in here.

22 March 2010: Partagas Chico (box code unknown). Been in Read the rest of this entry »


De Giri Luna Perfecta

22 Apr

Smoked 20 March 2010. Been in humidor since 10 February 2010.

This was received as a taster from a new Indonesian cigar producer, De Giri.

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Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Torpedo (second)

02 Feb

I thought I’d give this a go as I’d heard good reports on the seconds ie. indistinguishable from the proper one.

I don’t have a lot to tell you in all honesty. Construction and burn were good, taste wasn’t particularly exciting though. Maybe the next one will be…


Perdomo Lot 23 Toro

20 Jan

OK, so this intrigued me. I’d heard some good reports about this non-Cuban, so I thought I should get round to trying one. Time in humidor unknown as I have three the same from different deliveries, but it should be a month or so minimum.

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