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Georges Reserve

11 Jan

Smoked Tuesday 5th January. I received this from a chap called George who bought them as the name amused him, and was pleasantly surprised when they were not terrible.  I was sent two so will do another review at some point.


Construction seemed good and the pre-light smell was Read the rest of this entry »


Christmas smokes megapost

01 Jan

I’ve been unable to update as often as I’d like recently due to Christmas stuff, so this is just a catch-up post to list what I’ve smoked with any thoughts if I can remember them.

Monday 21st December 2009: Read the rest of this entry »


Nica Libre Torpedo

05 Dec

I must admit I was surprised by this. The first NC I’ve smoked that didn’t remind me of a head shop. Been in the humi since 17 September 2009 and smoked Saturday 5 December 2009.


Pre-light this smelt quite rich. The wrapper was Read the rest of this entry »


Alec Bradley Spirit of Cuba Corojo Robusto

29 Nov

Smoked on Saturday 28 November 2009. I’ve only had these in the humidor for two weeks, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but this appeared to have absolutely no taste whatsoever!


Pre-light this had that smell Read the rest of this entry »


Chinchalero Picadillo

09 Nov

Same batch as this one. Took this with me to a gig on Saturday 7 November 2009 to stop myself from scrounging cigarettes off others. I’d moistened the beads in my Cubans coolbox so thought I’d give them a week or so to adjust, and thought I’d go for something from the other box that I had more of. Read the rest of this entry »


Chinchalero Picadillo

31 Oct


This is a non-Cuban (NC) cigar of Nicaraguan origin, made by Horizon. I don’t normally go for the NCs as I find them a bit boring, but my current selection of Cubans are either too new or just my usual smokes so I thought I’d investigate something else tonight. Read the rest of this entry »