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Dorset Naga chilli

20 Jul

For yesterday’s dinner I had some Lincolnshire sausages left from a barbecue so I thought I’d make a hot sauce and have them with some pasta. On a recent trip to Tesco I’d stocked up on chillies, getting a couple of packs of the usual ‘red chillies’ which I believe to be Cayenne, some Bird’s Eye chillies and some I’d not seen before, the Dorset Naga. Now bearing in mind I eat quite a lot of chillies I think I can handle most of them. Having had a 7-pot chilli before and not having died I thought nothing more of it. Here is another Dorset Naga from the pack:

Dorset Naga chilli

My sauce contained two sliced onions, a cayenne, a bird’s eye and a Dorset Naga, some cumin, 3 cloves of garlic (crushed), some coriander seeds, some black pepper and a tub of passata. It was at this point I read the packaging and noticed that Tesco had labelled this with 6 chillies out of a possible 5 (!?) on their heat scale. I had to eat a slice. Well that was an experience that I would not recommend to the non-chilli-tolerant.

I had my dinner, pasta, sausages and three tablespoons full of my sauce. I actually needed a shower afterwards-no light glow on the cheekbones from this meal! Upon further reading, the Dorset Naga has been measured in at 1.6 million Scoville Heat Units, which I believe makes it the hottest chilli known to man. Bear in mind that the pure chemical responsible for the burn, capsaicin, measures at 16 million SHU, only ten times more…


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Chickpea jalfrezi

22 Aug

Another post in my new Recipes category. This curry is a particular favourite as it is low fat, filling and INCREDIBLY tasty. Being an ardent carnivore, I struggled with the concept of a curry without meat at first, but it’s probably my favourite now!

Start with a large saucepan and heat a couple of tablespoons of oil. I favour groundnut (not for the peanut allergic though!) but any relatively flavourless vegetable oil should be fine. Once that is hot, put in a tablespoon of turmeric Read the rest of this entry »


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Paella recipe

20 Aug

After my recent trip to Madrid I thought I’d try making a paella. I like cooking and most people seem to enjoy what I cook so it was suggested I put my recipes on my blog. I don’t pretend this is authentic paella but it was easy and tasted pretty good. I had a quick glance over a couple of recipes online then just made it up as I went along.

If there’s any interest in these, I’ll rewrite them properly with an ingredients list, though none of the amounts are particularly accurate.

You can most likely substitute any of these ingredients apart from the rice, but I linked some of the ones I used on mySupermarket. It’s a great site if you do any of your grocery shopping online, as when you register you can import your shopping lists and compare prices between supermarkets!

I started with a large saucepan, heating a generous helping of extra virgin olive oil in it (probably a Read the rest of this entry »

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