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New FistLoad Blog Facebook page

20 Oct

Just for a laugh I thought I’d set up a page for this blog on Facebook. It can be found at FistLoad Blog on Facebook. If you’ve enjoyed the blog or found it useful please ‘Like’ it.

You can also follow me on Twitter. It’s mostly my day to day ramblings, but I also post when I’ve updated the blog, so you may find that useful.


Unbelievable Saws for sale!

20 Aug

After going camping this summer I experienced difficulty breaking logs into a manageable size for the campfire. I had some success burning through them but this was painfully slow! Upon further research I discovered a most excellent tool-the Unbelievable Saw Read the rest of this entry »


New look!

12 Aug

As you may be able to tell, I’m trying a new look for the site. I decided the plain white looked a bit simple so have made the site a little snazzier. If any of my readership have any comments, please do so below.




Another couple of razors

10 May

I’d been meaning to purchase an open comb razor for a while as I’m still too lazy to shave daily. I’d read that an open comb would be a better choice for longer, more coarse hair (which mine is) so I went for the Muhle R41.

Also, I noticed the Feather Popular was Read the rest of this entry »



19 Apr

Hey folks, it may appear that I have been slack with updating my blog recently. I have recently moved house and all the fuss associated with that has left my time for blogging at a minimum.

There are some updates in the offing however! Obviously I have not stopped smoking cigars, so have still been making notes but the reviews for this period will not be as comprehensive as before. I have also got a lovely new phone, an HTC Desire, which is a phenomenal piece of kit, so look out for some thoughts on that soon.

I’m still here!


MD80 camera instructions

23 Feb

Please visit instead which provides more in-depth information on the camera and its uses.

Seeing as I get so much traffic from people looking for the instructions for the MD80 camera (similar to this or this from Maplin in the UK, though I got mine from eBay), I thought I’d scan mine and I’ve posted them below [if you find this useful, please click ‘Like’ on the right hand side of this page]. I’m not sure if this is actually THE MD80 camera, but I believe the only difference is the case material. I thought I’d watermark the images as I actually went to the trouble of scanning them; the copyright of the manual isn’t mine but the image is.


If you’re looking for a bargain priced microSD memory card for it, buy it from MyMemory or 7dayshop. I’ve used both and have been happy with the service.

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12 Oct


Well here’s the obligatory first post. After hearing I write notes on all the cigars I smoke, someone suggested I start blogging them. I’ve actually been meaning to set up a blog for some time to review stuff, not just cigars. I guess I’ve started now, let’s see if I carry on…