Turboflame GX7R Military lighter

I first bought my Turboflame Militaryon eBay in February 2009 and it has been my primary cigar lighter since then. For under a tenner I considered this a bargain. It’s not the prettiest lighter but it’s been pretty bombproof in use. The rubberised coating mostly came off leaving the galvanised steel body exposed, which looked quite nice itself.

Here’s a video I posted when I first got it:

The reason why I’m posting is that the ignition mechanism packed up recently, and remembering the five year warranty I printed out my ebay receipt (thank God for email backups!) and posted it off with a covering message written on the printout. I must admit I was half expecting them to send it back unfixed as the receipt wasn’t exactly the most descriptive, however, within a couple of weeks a parcel turned up with a BRAND NEW Turboflame Military in it! I was only hoping for a repair but they’ve certainly outdone themselves. Certainly value for money in my book. Here it is:

Turboflame GX7R Military lighter

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  1. Cam Smith says:

    Thats pretty good service, I am going to order one and give them a try! Thanks for posting.

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