6th August 2010

Friday evening I started off with a couple of Partagas Chicos (in humi since 20 March 2010). These weren’t particularly exciting but they did the job. I find it difficult to smoke these as slow as I suspect they need to be smoked.

I followed this with a go on my corncob pipe, filled with St. Bruno Flake. This was the most enjoyable experience of the night, perhaps because this time I rubbed out the flake and let it dry a little in attempt to keep it lit longer. If anyone is interested, I found a great page with videos about flake tobacco preparation. It’s here on the excellent PipesMagazine.com website.

Last of the night was a Vegas Robaina Famoso (LPM ABR 08; in humi since 20 January 2010). This wasn’t particularly good, much like the previous times I’ve smoked from this box. I really don’t know, but I might’ve ended up with a box of fakes here. I think I should just send a couple to someone who knows the flavour profile well and ask their opinion-sick or fake.

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