Barbecue cigars

I was at a barbecue last night so thought I’d take a few choice sticks with me. These are what I smoked:

H. Upmann Magnum 46 tubo (age unknown-assumed recent, in humi since 21 January 2010)

This was rather disappointing in truth. This was the last of a three-pack and the first was really good straight from the tube. The second I’d sat in the humi for a few weeks and that was nowhere near as enjoyable. I’d left this final one in the tube in the hope that it would be as good as the first. It looked good, but there was a touch of white mould halfway up. I hoped this wasn’t a sign of it being over-humidified in the tube. The draw was fine but the taste just wasn’t up to the standard of the first one. I get the feeling I should have de-tubed this, but I’ve not had enough experience comparing tubed cigars with their untubed brethren to know for sure. I have a three-pack of Siglo VI where I’ve untubed one, so may compare them in the future.

Bolivar Royal Corona (TEB MAY 08, in humi since 29 May 2009)

This was a marked improvement over the previous stick. Almost as good as I recall my first being! I really didn’t want this to finish, almost to the point of burning my fingers. A real powerhouse of a cigar. Careful if you combine it with too much booze and not enough food, as I happened to last night…

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