Bolivar Bonita

Smoked 26 September 2010. In humi possibly since 12 August?

Bolivar Bonita

I was disappointed with this. I love the Bolivar flavour profile and I’d heard that these were a nice little smoke. With winter coming closer I start to favour the shorter Cuban cigars so I was hoping this would fit the bill. As the weather was mild and we were out for a walk in a local park I thought I’d give this a run.

It was firmĀ  to the touch with the slightest coffee bean smell. Pre-light draw seemed fine, perhaps slightly tight. No problem lighting it as you would expect with the smaller ring gauge. Not much flavour initially. Started out almost like bitter chocolate, but unfortunately the bitter aspect stayed as the dominant note throughout the entire cigar.

When I bought this I was under the mistaken impression that they’d discontinued the Bonitas in 2007 so assumed a few weeks would render this a pleasant smoke. After my uninspiring experience, I looked it up and discovered it was actually 2009! This could even be less than a year old. I also didn’t note when I bought it so it’s my own fault really.

I do not consider this a representative sampling of this cigar, so effectively I’ve wasted my money! I’ll have to get another couple in and leave them alone for 6 months or so. THAT will be difficult…

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2 Responses to Bolivar Bonita

  1. I used to like this smoke. However, I find Party Shorts superior so I didn’t really stock up on Bonitas (discontinued in 2009).

    • Dave says:

      There are very few cigars I actually don’t like once I’ve tried a well rested sample of reasonable age. I’ve not hit it off with the Party Shorts yet but intend to give them another go…

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