Bolivar Corona Junior | Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

Smoked 5 June 2011.

Bolivar Corona Junior (box code TEB JUL 07; in humidor since 14 March 2011)

Lovely smoke. Slightly tighter than I would have liked though. Got a bit richer towards the end much like the Bolivar Royal Corona.

For the first time ever I tried a different technique for clipping this. You use a double guillotine cutter and rotate the cigar against the blades, scoring the cap so the end comes away. I suspect it’s one of those things that needs practice as it didn’t work particularly well for me as I didn’t manage to get the score-line to match up! It ended up with a bit of a spiral effect and the draw seemed a little too tight, so after a couple of puffs I just decided to clip it properly and that seemed to help slightly…

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (box code GAS JUN 08; in humidor since 6 October 2009)

This was almost the opposite of the Boli CJ. I punched this with the smaller of my two punches, so you’d expect the draw to be tight, but this was so loose it actually made it harsh. Which was a real pity as the flavour that got past the harshness was superb. I should have just put this into my jar where I store my 72% Boveda pouches, to see if I could get the tobacco to swell and tighten the draw up. Oh well, you live and learn…

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