Bolivar Gold Medal

Smoked 22 June 2011. Box code LSO FEB 08; in humidor since 12 November 2009.

Lovely to the touch, so oily and rough. Which may explain issues explained later…

Finally, I think I understand why some enjoy these so much. Previous experiences have been disappointing, mainly due to burn issues. Annoyingly, they also occurred this time but not quite to the same extent. The taste however, was surprising, when it burnt properly. The typical Bolivar richness but more earthy (a typical comment about these) and also a note that was very much like strong dark chocolate, like the 70% cocoa stuff you can get.

However, I am STILL having burn issues with these. It’s not like they haven’t had a decent amount of time to rest either, and in the same conditions that all my other cigars. I’m ACTUALLY going to store one at 65% to see if it the cigars themselves or just down to my storage conditions.

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  1. Steve Griff says:

    Nice liitle review Dave, I really miss these smokes, full of leather, earth and chocolate tones. Good stuff,


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