Bolivar Royal Corona

Smoked 14 January 2011. Box code TEB MAY 08, in humi since 29 May 2009. Accompanied by Southern Comfort.

Apologies for the picture quality but this was taken with my mobile phone.

The pre-light smell was slightly sour but not particularly strong. This always surprises me when a strong cigar hides itself away. I lit it using a lighter than turned up in the post from the ever-reliable Cigars of Habanos. Triple-flamed jet lighter with a built-in cigar punch. Did the job but it was rather aggressive! The punch needs sharpening (sharpen a cigar punch) but it did the job.

It started out with a drying malty taste, giving a similar sensation to the tannins in wine-a bit powdery. It was slightly bitter like strong chocolate and had almost a bite to it, like alcoholic spirits do. This was before I’d started drinking the Southern Comfort mind… A touch of sweetness coming in at about an inch. Like liquorice sweetness but without the taste. Grabbed me at the back of my teeth. At this point I slid the band off, but I didn’t really need to wait as it was loose anyway.

In the second third the richness started to pick up a lot but it didn’t seem to progress like they normally do. It felt a bit lighter than normal and without the complexity that it normal gives in the last third. I must say I was a little disappointed but I can’t help thinking it was down to combining it with something too sweet. I normally pair these with Islay malts like Ardbeg and it seems like I got it wrong with the SoCo. Ah well, you live and learn…

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