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Out smoking with Simon of The Cigar Monologues and Steve of on 25 April 2011, we met up and smoked our first cigars of the day in the beer garden at Bar Cwtch. For those of you who aren’t ‘local’, cwtch is Welsh slang for cuddle and the bar is certainly cosy.

However, the weather was absolutely beautiful so we were able to settle ourselves outside in the sun. I started with a Diplomaticos No. 2, a cigar I may have smoked once in my very early days of smoking cigars. This had been given to me by a fellow cigar smoker and had been nestling in my humidor since 23 January 2010. Plenty of rest!

This was actually very enjoyable, but in truth, reminded me more of my love of the piramide vitola rather than spelling out anything special about the Diplomaticos marca. I’ll certainly be checking some more out though as they seem good value for money. There are rumours that the Diplo line are the ‘budget’ version of Montecristos, some even saying they use the same tobacco but I am not aware of any basis for these stories, especially as I’ve disliked every single Monte 2 I’ve smoked…

After moving onto Nos Da, I finally got round to trying one of the custom-rolled cigars from Hamlet when he was rolling at the Bear Shop. It was a pleasant smoke (a little tight maybe), but I feel I should have smoked them very soon after being rolled. As it is, I’ll leave the other two to age for a few years if I can as I suspect there is far more excitement to come from these.

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