Catch-up post…

Due to my excessive slackness at posting recently I’m going to put them all in here.

22 March 2010: Partagas Chico (box code unknown). Been in the humidor for two days. Very young but filled a small gap.

26 March 2010: Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 GAS JUN 08 (in humi since 6 Ocotober 2009). A bit young still but certainly very smokeable now.

1 April 2010: Partagas Chico (box code unknown; in humi since 20 March 2010) then a Hoyo du Depute OPM OCT 09 (in humi since 3 February 2010). Both rather lost on me considering I’d been in the pub earlier!

4 April 2010: El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme ASE MAY 09 (in humi since 1 March 2010). The first from a new box to see if they were smokeable or not yet. Not bad, but will be much nicer with another 6 months. Burn uneven.

8 April 2010: Hoyo Petit Robusto GEA OCT 08 (in humi since 23 September 2009). Very nice!

9 April 2010: Punch Punch tubo. Not bad. Still think I prefer the Petit Punch. This is similarly flavoured but it just seemed to go on too long.

11 April 2010: Unknown NC. Will update with name when I find out. Pleasant enough for an NC.

14 April 2010: Punch Serie d’Oro No. 1 UK 2008 Regional Edition (in humi since 1 April 2010) kindly provided by Deano from UKCF. Very steadily building throughout the smoke-not overly strong until the very end, but still a rich deep taste. Reminded me a little of the RyJ Duke if I’m honest, with what I call the ‘normal’ Punch dried fruit not coming in until the final third. Had that almost perfumed aroma that the aged tobacco in the Sublime and Duke has. Very nice! Looked gorgeous, very oily and consistent colouring. Draw was spot on, and the aroma was just SUPERB. With a few more years on it to take the kick out of the end this will be very good IMO. [taken from my post on UKCF] After that, a Cohiba Secreto USE ENE 08 (in humi since 4 December 2009). Much better than the previous one. Very rich and chewy, with a bitter coffee/chocolate aspect.

16 April 2010: Charatan Petit Corona purchased for only a penny on a UKCF special offer from C.Gars Ltd. Quite pleasant. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase more but then I’ve probably been spoiled with Cubans. I commented at the time I’d happily pay up to a pound for it! Had a vanilla note in the first half but wasn’t quite so pleasant towards the end.

17 April 2010: Partagas Chico (in humi since 20 March 2010) then a Por Larranaga Petit Corona EMA OCT 07 (in humi since 28 November 2009) later on. This was superb taste-wise, but a small split by the band made it difficult to get much smoke from it. Looking forward to the next one!

22 April 2010: Vegas Robaina Famoso LPM ABR 08 (in humi since 20 January 2010). Smoked well, just young. Pleasingly, that milk chocolate I’ve noticed before was very obvious this time, so these should be as good as I remember them in the future.

I think that’s me up to date for the time being…

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