Cigar mould/bloom determination using UV light: update 1

I finally managed to get some mould to spawn on a cigar. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, but there you go…

Unfortunately, I brushed the mould against the bag upon removal so it isn’t quite as fluffy as it was, but it was enough to test the UV lights on it. I made a video as the mould was not as photogenic as the bloom…

The first light is the 365 nm that caused the bright fluorescence in my first post. The second is the near-UV torch (ca. 395 nm). Because of the increased amount of blue (visible) light in the second one, you can actually see the mould, but note this is not glowing like in my initial post, it’s just visible because it is white against brown.

I’ve put the cigar back into the bag and I’m going to leave it until I get a lot of mould so there’s no ambiguity. Though at the moment, it’s looking good that I’ve proved what I intended to ie. bloom fluoresces under UV, white mould doesn’t when specifically 365 nm light is used.

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