Cohiba Siglo VI

Smoked 24 April 2011. Box code unknown as they were a three-pack my friend got me from Duty Free when they were on the way back from holiday. Bought in Kuala Lumpur airport sometime December 2009 and in the humidor shortly after that.

I must admit I was very surprised by this. Cohiba have a reputation as being the top-of-the-line cigar brand and while the construction was good, the burn ‘good enough’, the taste fell remarkably short of what I was expecting. It was almost as if these were designed to be smoked by people who don’t smoke cigars. As I have smoked hardly any Cohibas though, I suspect it might be worthwhile getting a few of the smaller sizes in to get a feel for the brand, and to know what particular flavours I’m looking for. Going on the performance of this one though, I can’t see myself getting many more of the Siglo line.

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