Cuaba Divinos

More reviews here. Received these in this delivery and they’ve only been in the humidor since then, so I’m not going to consider this representative of the cigar. That said, what an interesting cigar!


Had a can of cold Sprite with this, as it seems to help cleanse the palate, and it’s sugary which is helpful if I get nicotine overload.

Smelt OK unlit but nothing really to comment on. I chose this one as it had a green spot which you may be able to see if you click the above picture. It’s just at the bottom. Cigar felt springy to the touch which I like. Band was reminiscent of the Vegas Robaina band, but more purple. I clipped the head with a Palio and gave it a test draw. Even with the foot tight as it was, I could still draw through it reasonably.


I lit the very tip with my torch lighter and blew on it. Draw was still quite tight at this point until about 4-5 mm in, at which point the flavour erupted into literally mouthwatering levels. I can only describe it as meaty with a floral hint. Meaty, like MSG. I suppose I mean ‘Umami‘.


Unfortunately, the burn went way off for a bit and needed a touch up with the lighter, but that got it back on track.



Once the burn was settled and I could stop worrying about it, it actually carried on pretty straight after that. I noticed how pleasant the aroma was. About halfway through the wood kicked in, which seemed a more ‘traditional’ flavour. Possibly a hint of fruit in there? I smoked it until I couldn’t work out how to safely hold it anymore.




This took me approximately 40 minutes to smoke which surprised me-it actually seems to slow down. I like the shape as it was very easy to light; it is rather strange to hold however. I’m hoping the burn issues were due to lack of rest, and with a bit more time I’d like to think the flavours will come out more too, which would make this a tremendous smoke. Considering how little rest this had had it was a very smooth smoke. One to watch for me I think, and perhaps try the other Cuabas too.

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