Cuban cigar roller Hamlet Jaime Paredes at The Bear Shop, Cardiff

Having missed Anibal Delgado Gonzalez at The Bear Shop in  July, and finding out there would be another roller visiting in September, I was determined to make it this time. I was a little apprehensive as I’d not been to see a roller before and was intending to ask for something special to be rolled, and I was pretty excited too. I took the afternoon off work and popped over to see what it was all about. This particular roller was Hamlet Paredes, who is a pretty skilled and experienced roller by all accounts.

Cuban cigar roller Hamlet Paredes

Señor Hamlet Jaime Paredes

He was huddled in the corner in front of the humidor at The Bear Shop busily rolling robustos. I’d heard his salomones were amazing but unfortunately he didn’t have any wrapper leaf long enough to make me any. He was quite happy for me to record some video of him rolling. Señor Paredes makes it look so effortless, but he did say he’d been rolling for over fifteen years!

The tobacco being used here is at least four years old and it smelt delicious. Here is the finished cigar that he was rolling in the video above

Freshly rolled Cuban cigar

A freshly rolled Cuban cigar. Click to take a closer look!

and my haul…

Three freshly rolled, in tubes

Complete with labels that you may have heard Mrs. Higgins requesting in the video.

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5 Responses to Cuban cigar roller Hamlet Jaime Paredes at The Bear Shop, Cardiff

  1. yiorgos says:

    Great stuff, did you smoke the cigar yet?
    Hamlet is heading over to us next week, so I am already trying to make some room in the humidors for some salomones!

    • Dave says:

      Not smoked any yet – I’m thinking tonight maybe. I’d forgotten they’ll go sick if I don’t smoke them quick enough!

  2. yiorgos says:

    Hi Dave,

    You might as well leave it for a little while… The sick period for this should be around 6 months, unless you smoke it straight off the table!

  3. Zoe says:

    I went in and bought one this week, but I’ve only just gotten around to watching the video. It’s absolutely mesmerising to watch. You’re right when you say he makes it look so effortless. Amazing!

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