El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

Smoked 20 November 2010. Box code ASE MAY 09; in humidor since 1 March 2010.

The last time I smoked one of these in June it left a little something to be desired. That wasn’t particularly surprising considering they were little over a year old and had only three months resting time (under my control) at that point. Nearly six months later and the change is easily noticed. I’ve not smoked many El Rey del Mundo Cuban cigars, but I have a vague idea that this tasted like it was supposed to!

It started out with a perfumed honey taste, with the honey getting stronger until about halfway. A powerful leather taste popped in at this point, but not quite enough to mask the honey. An enjoyable smoke and perfectly smokable now, but I can’t help feeling I’m wasting them by not giving them another 6 months at least. I’m going to try to leave these alone until May, to give them 2 years from the box date.

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