Fonseca Cosacos

Received and smoked today 27 February 2010. This was from 1998, and was my first ever Fonseca.

I’d not bothered with them so far as I’d read they were mild, which to me meant flavourless. I’d also read before that they predominantly tasted of tea, which this did. Whether that was psychosomatic or not I don’t know. As you can see from the first picture they are wrapped in something. Most people call it tissue but I’m not sure that’s what I’d describe it as. I suspect it felt more like tissue when it was first wrapped round it, but over the years it’s absorbed oils from the tobacco altering its feel. Taking the tissue and band off the cigar underneath looked well constructed and felt firm to the touch. Pre-light draw was a little tight and flavour was minimal. No problems lighting it.

The draw remained a little tight but not enough to cause a problem. As mentioned earlier, the taste was mainly tea. No bitterness though, just straight-up tea. Quite pleasant but not particularly complex. I noticed no change in the taste throughout except an increase in strength. About halfway through a little harshness kicked in with the flavour, but strangely this didn’t translate to nasal burn. This was a pleasant if unexciting cigar. Would probably make a good beer garden stick for the summer, due to its inoffensive aroma and mellow flavour profile. I’m still pondering over what drink it might go well with though.

I will let the other one I have rest at 65% RH for a while to see if that helps the draw.

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