Friday 21 May 2010 cigars

Started with a Chinchalero Picadillo, in the humidor since 9 August 2009.

This was actually quite nice for a sunny afternoon in the pub! I think I may have to re-evaluate these. Going on the strength of this one, I’d probably get more if they were a bit cheaper. I love the turquoise band too.

Later on, I went for a Romeo y Julieta Cazadore (July 2006; in humi since 27 February 2010). I’d read that these were the strongest Cuban currently in production so I was a certainly intrigued. I’m not a fan of the RyJ Short Churchill or the 2009 LE Duke as they have a floral aspect that I don’t like but people had suggested this wasn’t so noticeable in the Cazadores so I thought I’d give them a try. Others had described them as tasting like Twiglets, which I’d very much agree with. It was strong, but not harsh.

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