H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1

Smoked 20 April 2012. Age unknown; turned up in the post from C. Gars Ltd that morning.

I tried this cigar as numerous people rave about them over on the UK Cigar Forums and I’d not gotten round to trying one yet. My previous experiences with H. Upmann have been less than satisfactory. Over the years I’ve tried the No. 2, the Magnum 46, the Magnum 48 LE and the PC, with only the 46 even feeling worthwhile another go. I was hoping this smoke would be better as the brand seems so popular but I am unable to understand why. No luck this time unfortunately.

While not an unpleasant smoke, it could have done with at least a year or two extra on it as the harsh peppery youth was too much for a cigar with a reputation for such a mild taste. I’d certainly give it another try if I knew the age, but for me this experience was not a signal to buy a box.

The coffee and cream flavours I read/hear about were present but were not as prominent as I’d hoped. A bit of a disappointment in all honesty. I don’t know why I persevere with H. Upmann…

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  1. larrysputnik says:

    Well said. I just cannot seem to get behind this brand. The blend is rather dull. Good post.

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