H. Upmann Magnum 46

Smoked 14 February 2010. This was the second from my pack of three tubos. The first I had smoked straight from the tube and it was lovely, but this one I had taken from the tube and sat in a box in my humidor, possibly since 21 January 2010 when they arrived.

The draw on this was looser (lower humidity?) but the taste was a little subdued and harsh, similar to new untubed cigars that haven’t had the usual three months rest.

If the first smoked really well but a bit tight straight from the tube, I suspect that there is some kind of aging process (possibly oxidative), that is retarded by being sealed in the tube. Taking it out lets this restart, and it takes a few months for this to settle into a steady state to become pleasant to smoke again. Just ideas really, I have no proof to back this up.

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