H. Upmann Magnum 46

Smoked 22 January 2010. Recently purchased¬† tubo so it’s unlikely to be very old.

This stick was beautiful. Very high standard of construction. Started out like a RyJ Short Churchill [floral] for the first third then dying away; cocoa added in to second third then maybe coffee in final? Creamy. Little tight for first third. Maybe slightly overhumidified as I had difficulty punching it. Burn reasonably even, required no corrections. Ash strong.

I’ve taken one out of the tube and sat it in my singles box to see how it smokes at my preferred humidity of 69%.

The difference in taste between the thirds, particularly the first and second was quite substantial. This is the first time I have experienced taste progression being this obvious, and I rather enjoyed it. It’s a pity the flavour of the first third is not really to my taste as the rest was rather beautiful. I’ve not investigated the H. Upmann marca much at all yet but this has encouraged me to do so further.

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