H. Upmann Magnum 50

Smoked 20 June 2011. Box code unknown as it was from a three-pack; in humidor (with tube open) since 17 August 2010.

I’ve not smoked many H. Upmann cigars to date and this was the first time I’ve smoked a Magnum 50. First impressions of this tubo were pretty good; quality of construction was high and the smell was most enjoyable. I punched it with my larger punch and set about it.

It lit easily enough but the first inch was quite harsh to smoke, almost unpleasantly so. I was hoping this what not a sign of things to come… Luckily, it settled into a much nicer creamy mocha flavour. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much change in the flavour throughout, which surprised me as I found the taste progression quite pronounced with the Magnum 46.

I can only speculate that when I bought these they were quite young, and they’ve not had enough rest yet, but obviously it’s impossible to know! These do strike me as very similar to the Magnum 46 from the minimal experiences I’ve had, but given the larger ring gauge there’s more of the filler tobacco that they use to make it burn more evenly. I can never remember whether it’s seco or volado… But anyway, I speculate that the larger proportion of this is responsible for the seeming blandness of flavour. I’ll give them some more time and see how they change though. I would definitely recommend the Magnum 46 over this though…

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