Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2

Age unknown. Been in humidor since 20 July 2009. Smoked 19 March 2010.

I’ve not enjoyed these in the past, and I think I may have finally worked out why. This was from a three-pack I bought in Duty Free last year and I didn’t have much joy with the first two. I thought I’d leave this for some time to eliminate the possibility I hadn’t rested them long enough.

Taste-wise, I’d describe this as like a weaker Hoyo Epicure Especial with a hint of the Hoyo du Depute. Unfortunately for me, it was much towards the Especial end of the spectrum. I’ve written about the ‘fake vanilla’ notes in those in the past-while muted, they are also noticeable in the No. 2. The sweet woody aspect that I so enjoy in the Depute is very much hidden away at the beginning and completely disappears later in favour of the Especial taste.

No more Hoyo Epicures for me I think…

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