Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute

Smoked 8 January 2011. Box code OPM OCT 09, in humidor since 3 February 2010.

Just a quick note here as I didn’t concentrate too much on this. Was out with a group of friends who I do outdoor stuff with and we went to a pub just outside the city centre for drinks later on. Despite being rather chilly there was only space outside for most of the evening so I took advantage and had a Depute.

I consider this a good pub cigar as it’s small enough to not look quite so ostentatious in public. Despite that, it was commented on that it was an unusual sight. Regarding the actual cigar, I must try and leave these alone at least until 2012. I keep saying this about various cigars so I need to actually remember! Looking at the related posts, I’ve wasted too many of these already.

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