I looked in my box of Hoyo Petit Robustos last night and noticed something not quite right. A closer look revealed these tiny little things crawling all over my beloved cigars. At this point I got the fear quite badly, thinking I have an infestation of the dreaded cigar beetle. Carefully inspecting each cigar for holes, I’m a little surprised to find none whatsoever. I start doing a bit of research and it turns out that the cigar beetle is brown or black and about 2 to 3 mm long. My insects are white and absolutely tiny. It appears these are some kind of mite. It likes to eat the gum used to glue the cap on and the band. A quick brush off of each cigar and blowing inside the box and hopefully I’ve cleared them. I’ve separated the box just in case but I’m less worried that all my cigars are being munched away.

If anyone knows the species of mite they could be, please comment!

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