Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadore

Smoked19 February 2011. Box code AUS MAR 10; in humidor since 30 August 2010.

I smoked this in the evening after a couple of friends got married. Admittedly I’d had a fair bit of wine but this was very enjoyable. The second from this packet and they’ve definitely improved since the first time I smoked one of these (JLP Petit Cazadore). Typical raisin and prune flavours with a bit of treacle going on too.

If you can get these when you’re in Spain (where they sell for approximately 1 Euro each) they are stupendous value for money. Much much better than the Partagas Chicos at a similar price. Whether the thicker ring gauge is responsible for this I don’t know. Get some if you see them!

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