Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores

Smoked 31 December 2010. Age unknown.

A couple of friends had recently been to Spain and one of them seems to have become quite taken with a good cigar over the last year. I would like to think I had some influence in that but ironically enough it was they who introduced ME to cigar smoking!

Being New Years Eve my friend had brought along a 5-pack of Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores Cuban cigars with the intention of enjoying one later on. With the weather being a bit chilly I’d decided against taking my own as I didn’t really fancy standing or sitting outside for too long. When offered one of these smaller gauge cigars however, I couldn’t turn it down.

My previous sampling of this cigar was enjoyable considering they are very much a budget cigar. They are ugly and you need to be careful with the cap but for the money (around 1 Euro in Spain) they provide tremendous value.

This was pretty tasty and an improvement on my first one. I can only assume these had a little more age on them than mine do. Taste was predominantly raisin with only a hint of chocolate and little progression. I wasn’t really concentrating as we were deep in conversation but I’m pleased that the taste was consistent with the previous one I had.

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  1. Mme_G says:

    I’m pleased you found it agreeable. I found it almost as pleasant as finally having your company for an extended period of time 🙂

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