La Flor de Cano Selecto

Smoked 26 August 2010. Box code EGD CCUT (March 1999); in humi since 28 July 2009.

La Flor De Cano Selecto

I’d gone out for a evening walk by the river with my girlfriend and the weather was looking a little precarious to say the least. As I wasn’t sure how long I’d have to smoke I decided to pick one of my cheaper short-filler Cuban cigars so if I did have to throw it away prematurely then it wouldn’t be too heartbreaking for my wallet!

This time I chose a La Flor de Cano Selecto. At 41 RG and 150 mm long this would certainly last as long as I needed it to, and probably cope with the wind better than my usual thicker long-filler Cuban cigars. I’ve found in the past that these smoke better than the smaller Flor de Cano Preferidos, and this one was no exception. Not particularly big on taste though certainly far preferable to the ubiquitous Hamlet. I believe US citizens would refer to this as a ‘yard gar’, though I’m sure being Cuban it would still be in demand there!

Not particularly exciting, but better than not having a cigar.

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