La Gloria Cubana Medaille d’Or No. 3

Smoked 26 June 2010, straight from the post. Box code OSU AGO 02.

(lighter to show scale)

Another first for me. Having not smoked anything from LGC before I didn’t know what to expect, so please forgive me if I compare tastes to other brands I know.

I picked this one as the ribbon had bent it slightly and I’d prefer not to have ugly cigars! The cigar smelt very spicy (not peppery) pre-light, almost like incense with the draw tasting slightly sour. Speaking of draw, for such a long thin cigar, it was perfect. It lit easily as you’d expect for the narrow gauge, and on first puff it reminded me very much of the Punch dried fruit tones but lighter. The second third added the very slightest hint of creamy mocha, with the fruit intensity dying away. I’m going to need a good few more to discern the multitude of flavours present in the middle of this. The final third saw the fruit slip into the background with a floral aspect similar to Romeo y Julieta coming strongly to the fore, creamy mocha still floating along in the background.

Not the prettiest of cigars but pretty complex flavours. A mild cigar with a discreet aftertaste. Certainly not one for after dinner, but very much having a place in the humidor.

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