Madrid cigars

I came back from Madrid a couple of days ago, and being Spain I expected my beloved Cuban cigars to be easily available. Unfortunately not! It appears that a lot of people close their businesses and go on holiday for the whole month. Also, I had to contend with the Feast of the Assumption religious festival on the Sunday and the preceding week, when even more shops would be closed.

Fortunately the department store El Corte Ingles was open and sold Cuban cigars. Service wasn’t great but the sticks were in reasonable condition. I did almost damage one that I had just paid for using their awful single-bladed guillotine cutter, but it survived intact.

My first, that I enjoyed on the roof terrace of our hotel the Vincci Capitol. This was a Trinidad Reyes and was a typical example. I wasn’t really taking notes as I was just relaxing in the sunshine, but I do recall that the draw was slightly tight but not enough to cause a problem, and the burn was very even.

Later that night I smoked a Ramon Allones Specially Selected at a local bar with a rather large glass of Four Roses bourbon. Great stuff and surprisingly ubiquitous in Madrid. As before with the notes, but I do recall it was difficult keeping it burning well in the second half and it tunnelled badly. Whether that was due to the store’s storage or living in my pocket in a plastic bag for several hours I don’t know…

If you fancy going to Madrid yourself, try seem pretty competitive on price.

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