Partagas Chico

Smoked 8 July 2010. In humidor since 20 March 2010.

After the previous one was so enjoyable I was hoping subsequent ones would have progressed the same way. This one was still a bit harsh but it was the first from an unopened 5-pack. The packs are wrapped in cellophane so I’m wondering if it’s due to the lack of fresh air.

Purely speculation here, but it seems from my reading, that longer term aging needs to reduce the airflow available to the sticks. Some claim that bagging their boxes for aging gives a superior product, and in my own experience cigars need to rest for a few months with a reasonable amount of correctly humidified airflow to taste pleasant to me. This may all be complete drivel of course…

That said, I’ll take a couple of my cello’d cheapo Cubans and leave them in my singles box (with plenty of airflow) for a few months to see if there is a noticeable difference. I’ll do it with a La Flor de Cano Selecto (from 98 or 99) and a Partagas Chico that I believe to be recent. Results to come…

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