Partagas Chicos

Two smoked 29 August 2010. No box code available; in humi since 20 March 2010. No pics this time as I think it’s bad form to show pictures that weren’t what I smoked!

I’m starting to find these little machine-made Cuban cigars very enjoyable for the pub. At only 29 RG by 106 mm I believe they are pretty similar in size to the Cohiba Club or Montecristo Purito (neither of which I’ve tried). I find you need to smoke them slowly or the flavour just turns into tar, but when you can manage to give them the time they do actually taste of Partagas tobacco! Now mine have started to settle nicely after some months rest they are softening a little. My only issue with them, apart from being impossible to find in the UK, is that the gum at the head end isn’t particularly effective and it often starts to unravel in my mouth. Not a major problem for the price though.

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