Partagas Serie D No. 4

Smoked 2 July 2011. Box code TEB AGO 08; in humidor since 12 July 2010.

This particular cigar has changed my view on the D4. Previous experiences have been underwhelming at best but as it seems to have numerous fans I go back occasionally.

I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary from this as while it was well constructed and smelt as a Cuban cigar should, nothing stood out at all. That was until I lit it.

I clipped the head with my Palio and lit it with my Turboflame torch lighter. It started out very creamy and complex. Too many flavours for me to discern in truth! What was surprising was that all these flavours were in perfect balance. A real treat to the taste-buds.

About a third in there was the addition of a touch of freshly mown grass which was a little odd, but that only lasted about two puffs and settled into the background as the stereotypical Partagas taste of wood and leather rushed in strongly.

This built in strength steadily until the final third became a real powerhouse of rich dense smoke. I was really starting to feel the nicotine by this point and despite almost burning my fingers, it was probably for the best that I had to leave it go.

Despite the fact I was driving when I was smoking this, (which usually causes burn issues due to having the windows open) it was a dead straight burn all the way. I’ve not seen that for some time. The final surprise with this, was I experienced the phenomenon whereby the flavour on the draw was different to when holding it in my mouth, then different again on exhaling. I can’t remember the expression for this but if I do I’ll update this post.

An absolutely superb complex cigar. Probably the best smoke I’ve had in quite some time, perhaps ever! Do yourself a favour and get some, then leave them alone for a few years!

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