Por Larranaga Montecarlo

Smoked 8 October 2010. Box code OPM AGO 09; in humi since 8 May 2010.

The first couple of these I had were really enjoyable, so I was dismayed that this Montecarlo tasted more papery and bland than the others. Whether this was a one-off or all of them are currently like this I don’t know. The draw and burn were both excellent, as I would have expected with the smaller gauge. It did get more flavoursome towards the end but the papery unpleasantness was still dominant.

I do normally smoke the Por Larranaga marca earlier on in the day as they are more delicately flavoured. I had this about 21:00 so it may have just been too mild for the time of day i.e. my dinner overshadowed it. As Cuban cigars go though, this one was not up there with the finest…

Hopefully this was an isolated example and subsequent tastings will be improved. They’ve had a little time to rest and they’re over a year old now, so I don’t reckon they should be getting worse! I am still a relative newcomer to cigars so I may just be being naive in that belief? Tell me what you think!

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