Por Larranaga Petit Corona

Smoked 28 January 2010. Box code EMA OCT 07. Been in humidor two months to the day. Accompanied with a cold can of Sprite. Just wanted to see how these were progressing.

Smelt really good pre-light. Nothing in particular, just good quality tobacco. The same with pre-light draw, which was a little tight though I’ve come to expect that from the PLPC. Not particularly pretty either but that’s not why I smoke these!

The first half the flavours were overshadowed by a harshness, but that mostly died away by the second half leaving the expected milky caramel taste. This pleases me as I’ve had bad ones in the past (from other sources) so I’m expecting these to be good after some more rest. Purging helped the flavours too, so they are definitely there.

Burn needed no corrections, though was occasionally a little uneven. Ash seemed to lose its strength at about an inch.

As you can see in the last photo, I slightly damaged the wrapper removing the band, but it didn’t seem to cause any problems.

These are going to be spot on in time for summer I reckon.

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