Quintero Nacionale

Reviews here. Received as part of a ‘cigar bomb’ on 1 August 2009.


Pre-light it smelt of sandalwood, or something else like incense. Perhaps this is what Spanish Cedar smells like! The draw was a slightly sweet tobacco. Looked OK, good draw (not too tight or loose). Minor wrapper damage near the band


No difficulty lighting.


Started out as ‘carpet’ with the slightest hint of coffee. There was a touch of harshness which seemed to be masking some flavours. I opened a can of cold Sprite to go with it, and a swig of that seemed to clear the harshness from the initial few draws giving way to mild tobacco flavours. About a third in, it took on a perfumed aspect that was quite pleasant, then in the remaining third something I couldn’t quite put my finger on cropped up. Grassy, ‘dirty cream’ or maybe even the slightest hint of marshmallow. I’ve smoked non-Cuban cigars that were better, but for the price (free in this case…) it was a worthwhile smoke, if a little bland. Evenly burning stick, but ash didn’t hold on long.

It looked handmade to me, but the speed of burning suggested short filler. Nothing wrong with that for a quicker smoke!





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