Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona

Smoked 4 December 2010. Box code SEM NOV 08; in humidor since 28 June 2010.

Tragically, it’s been some time since I’ve had the opportunity to smoke a cigar due to the cold weather and simply not having the opportunity. My social life gets rather hectic in December hence it taking me nearly a month to getting round to publishing this! I’d chosen this as I was under the impression it had been a while since I’d had one and like to smoke the Cuban cigars I have more of, to try and even out my selection. Really I should smoke the ones I have less of, as they will either have more age on them or will be singles which could introduce me to an as yet unknown delight. I’ll learn eventually…

Anyway, this still needed more rest but was much more flavoursome than the previous sampling. First third started out with what appears to be the characteristic Rafael Gonzalez note of marzipan with the gingerbread I’ve mentioned before barely noticeable. Second third (oh yes!) a little milk chocolate popped up and drifted slowly into the background where a milky coffee flavour slid in for the final third.

I must admit I was pretty surprised by the flavour profile of such a small stick and reckon by the summer these should be turning rather special.

I also smoked a Por Larranaga Petit Corona later on the same day, but couldn’t in truth tell you anything about it.

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