Trinidad Reyes at 65% humidity

Box code OUR JUN 08. In humidor since 20 April 2009. Smoked 17 March 2010.

I fancied something I hadn’t had for a while so I went for this. It was one of those mentioned here-specifically the 65% stick. Given why I was doing this, it performed as expected. The stick looked in exceptional condition and felt perfect to the touch; typical Trinidad character, and it looks like they respond well to being stored at 65%.

Pre-light aroma was gorgeous, and the draw was spot on. Just tobacco taste. Easy light, and burn was generally very straight except after ashing but that corrected quickly. This tasted as expected, however it was a little harsher than I like and flavours just seemed a little ‘rough’ and not quite as creamy and luxurious as my normal smokes. Going on this one, I would not buy another box of these. I suspect I prefer them younger but the RH level cannot be ruled out as a contributory factor. I may also have just gone off the taste of these.

I will try to smoke the other (currently stored at 69%) tomorrow, so additional aging or sick period considerations as a cause of difference between the two are minimised.

To sum up: burn improved, taste not so good.

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