Trinidad Reyes at 69% humidity

Box code OUR JUN 08. In humidor since 20 April 2009. Smoked 18 March 2010.

As promised, I smoked this Reye at the higher humidity the day after. I do realise that the differences noted may be psychosomatic or individual variation, as I only compared two sticks. I am assuming not, to make it easy for myself!

It did not smell quite as impressive as the other unlit, but felt equally pleasant to the touch. There was minor damage to the foot, most likely through rough handling rather than anything humidity related.

This had a tighter draw, I assume through the tobacco being slightly more swollen. Whether the tightness of draw affects the taste directly through combustion temperature I couldn’t suggest. It took longer to smoke, most likely due to the higher moisture content. It also tasted better to me. The flavours were richer and deeper but it still had that roughness to it which was surprising. I tasted the liquorice/aniseed (?) that I hadn’t seen for a while with these. I had assumed that disappeared with a little age but I suspect a cooler burn (increased moisture content) means the more delicate notes aren’t destroyed so easily.

These differences could of course be caused by aging at different humidities-I left it far longer than I intended to perform this comparison. Then again it could simply be down to smoking them at different humidities. I suspect it is the latter as the time they were at different humidities is short in the scale of cigar aging. I have raised more questions than I have answered.

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