UKCF annual herf at The Prince of Wales, Moseley

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Saturday 6 August 2011 was an attempt to get as many forum members possible meeting in one place. That place was The Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham. A superb venue obviously designed to cater for smokers (greatly helped by Keith the landlord being a cigar aficionado himself), with such a mixed crowd that nobody need feel out of place. Apologies for the quality of the photos…

UK Cigar Forum Annual Herf 2011 image 1

Considering the majority of the London contingent were either on holiday or content to stay inside the M25, we did quite well on numbers!

I arrived later than hoped as I accidentally stayed out rather late the night before and was still awake at 4am. I eventually arrived about 4.30pm and there was a good crowd already. Some familiar faces and lots of new people who I only know by UKCF username. Keith, the landlord, had arranged some cigars for blind tasting so I started with one of them.

UK Cigar Forum Annual Herf 2011 image 2

This was a Churchill-sized cigar that felt really good to the touch and had a very weak aroma pre-light. I lit up and it started to smoke OK. Nothing particularly exciting for the first half-inch but then an acrid taste popped in and didn’t go away. I got at least half way through this cigar but there seemed to be little taste progression. In all truth I just wasn’t enjoying it so I had leave it to die out in the ashtray. I did feel guilty at not finishing it but I only had a limited amount of time. The big surprise was finding out that not only was this Cuban, but it was a 1998 Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales! I’m not the biggest fan of RyJ but this was a complete surprise to me. I suppose the feel of the cigar could have given away its age but the taste was certainly not becoming of the brand.

UK Cigar Forum Annual Herf 2011 image 3

I moved onto a Por Larranaga Petit Corona (EMA OCT 07; in humi since 28 November 2009) next, which while giving what I consider to be its characteristic ‘Milky Bar‘ flavour was irritatingly tight so difficult to get smoke out of. I managed to finish that at least, but it certainly reminded me to give cigars a test draw before actually lighting them, so I don’t waste them. Despite a good poking with a slim screwdriver, there was no improvement.

UK Cigar Forum Annual Herf 2011 image 4

My next was a first for me. A Partagas 8-9-8v (MUA OCT 09; in humidor since 17 March 2011). Everyone seems to love this cigar and I can see why. A test draw ensured this was actually going to smoke properly and it lit easily. Characteristic Partagas flavours that got a bit heavy towards the end. I bet these are superb with some more age on them. I’m not going to give much of a review about this one (in this post) as I feel I wouldn’t be doing it justice due to not concentrating on it. Excellent smoke though!

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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave – looks and sounds like everyone had a great time. Really disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it up, what with being barely an hour away.

    I look forward to your further thoughts on the Party 8-9-8 V

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