Vegas Robaina Famoso

Smoked 21 November 2010. Box code LPM ABR 08; in humi since 20 January 2010.

Considering at one point these were so bad I suspected they were fakes, this was by far the best yet. Having had little experience of Vegas Robaina, I found it difficult to tell whether they were the real deal or not. I sent a couple to a friend on UKCF who I consider knowledgable about cigars and asked his opinion. I was assured that they had the characteristic profile but that they would need another 6 to 12 months. Obviously I am never one to take advice, as I decided to try another within a couple of months of being told this.

This time, the taste was much more what I was expecting and I’m convinced it wasn’t just because I’d been told! The chocolate I was expecting before was there, but only slightly. Vanilla and coffee were also present but it was very mild. Burn was pretty much perfect, even after tapping off the ash.

Got a bit tarry and boring towards the end, but considering how they were, I’m expecting these to be pretty enjoyable by next summer. My intention is to try not to smoke these (or the Choix Supreme in the previous post) until it’s warm enough to smoke outside again.

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