Weekend cigars

Having been away camping this weekend, I managed to enjoy a good few cigars. Seeing as I would be outside for an extended period of time I took along some that I wouldn’t normally smoke because of time restrictions.

14 May 2010:

I started with a Por Larranaga Petit Corona (EMA OCT 07; in humi since 28 November 2009). Unfortunately, this was too tight, but the flavours I did get were enjoyable.

Next up was a Saint Luis Rey Serie A from 2001 (in humi since 12 September 2009). The last two of these I smoked were too tight and this one had been previously punched and put back in the humi for the same reason. I’d give it a test draw now and again and it had finally loosened up to an acceptable level. I’ve had an on-off relationship with these in the past but as I smoke more from SLR I find there’s an orange note in there that I’m not too keen on.

Last one for the night was a Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (GAS JUN 08; in humi since 6 October 2009). Beautiful! I wish I could describe the flavour of these, but I really have no idea! These have rested enough that I’m happy to smoke them now.

15 May 2010:

Once I’d got the fire and the barbecue going, it was time to light something BIG. I had a three pack of Partagas Lusitanias (in humi since 1 March 2010) and wanted to try one before I smoked one on a special occasion later on in the year. My mind wasn’t really on it as I was cooking and drinking, but I do remember that the construction was remarkable for such a large stick. Flavours were nothing particularly exciting, but then they’ve only been resting for a couple of months. Going on the first tasting, I’d go back for more.

After dinner I sparked up a Bolivar Gold Medal (LSO FEB 08, in humi since 12 November 2009). The draw was far better than the previous try and I was surprised not to get the strong richness that I have experienced with the Royal Corona and the Belicosos Finos. This seemed more muted but very earthy. I’m likely to try one from my 07 box next to compare…

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