Weekend mini-roundup

Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona: Smoked 16 July 2010. Box code SEM NOV 08; in humi since 28 June 2010. Very nice. Reminds me rather of the Juan Lopez flavour profile, perhaps with more marzipan. This obviously needed a few more months rest to stabilise but enjoyable none-the-less.

Por Larranaga Petit Corona: Smoked 17 July 2010. Box code EMA OCT 07; in humi since 29 November 2009. I sought out a nice soft one and it was superb. Just as I’d expect.

Partagas Chico: Smoked 17 July 2010. Age unknown; in humi since 20 March 2010. I couldn’t find the pack I’d opened so this came from an unopened pack. Very good, so the previous one may have just been unlucky. Nice pub size, and cheap enough that I can just leave it if needs be.

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